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VIDEOPOEMS: a screening
Joe Blades, Curator

Tidal Wave Film Festival
7 pm, 7 November 2003
Tilly Hall Auditorium, University of New Brunswick–Fredericton campus
Fredericton NB

I was asked to curate a screening of Canadian videopoems for the third Tidal Wave Film Festival in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. The objective was to introduce videopoems to the Tidal Wave Film Festival, to attending film/video/media makers, to New Brunswick poets and writers, and to the viewing public.

    Featured poets & videos
  1. Adeena Karasick, Alphabet City, 3m, 1999.
  2. Adeena Karasick, Mumbai-Ya, 3m 30s, 2001.
  3. Adeena Karasick, Belle-Lêtres, 3m 36s, 2002.
  4. R.M. Vaughan & Michael Achtman, M*A*S*H Notes For Private Kyle Brown, 11m, 1997.
  5. Jannie Edwards, Engrams, 19m, 1998.
  6. Phlip Arima, My Eyes Open, 3m 10s, 1999.
  7. Ian Ferrier, This Fire, 4m 12s, 2002.
  8. Sandra M. Hawkins, Human Bytes, 2m, 2000.
  9. Susan Cormier, the bleeding place, 5m 35s, 2003.
  10. Tom Konyves, Sympathies of War, 10m, 1978.
  11. Tom Konyves, Quebecause, 2m, 1982.
  12. Sheri-D Wilson, Airplane Paula, 3m 10s, 2001.
  13. Seth-Adrian Harris, Back, 4m 15s, 2000.
  14. Andrea Thompson, Juicy, 4m 50s, 2000.
  15. Joe Blades, Halifax Harbour Developments, 2m, 1988.
  16. Denise DeMoura, dys fun, 11m, 2003.
  17. Robert Priest, Poem Painter, 11m 50s, 1999/2000.

It seems likely that I will curate or produce future screening of videopoems. If you are a poet and/or the producer of videopoems, I would like to request a viewing copy (VHS, CR-ROM or DVD is fine) along with biographical material on you. If you know of other poets and/or filmmakers producing videopoems / poèmeclips, could you please draw their attention to this project. Please complete this e-mail Submission Form. Copy and email your completed form back to me, Joe Blades, for our electronic files. Please enclose a signed, printed backup of your completed form with your submission and mail to the Canada Post address below. Thanks.

Joe Blades

Joe Blades, Videopoems

Videopoem Submission Form

1. Title:

2. Poet/Author:

3. Producer

4. Director:

5. Year produced:

6. Distributor:

7. Length (time):

8. Format(s) originally recorded/produced in:
__ VHS, __ Beta, __ CD-ROM, __ 16 mm, __ 35 mm, __ other (please specify) __________________________

9. Format(s) the finished videpoem is available in:
__ VHS, __ Beta, __ CD-ROM, DVD, __ 16 mm, __ 35 mm, __ other (please specify) _____________________

10. Poet citizenship: __ Canadian, __Canadian Landed Immigrant, __other (please specify) ________________

11. Full mailing address:

12. E-mail:

13. Telephone: ____________ work, ___________home

14. Fax ________________

15. Do you have your own website or blog? ____ Yes, ____ No. If “yes”, please provide address(es)?

16. Poet/videomaker/filmmaker Biographical Information: insert a user friendly bio paragraph (suitable for introductions, media releases, screening catalogue, etc). Include relevant professional qualifications, recognition & awards.

17. Artist statement on the making of video/media poem. Please state your intention/goals, anecdotal or otherwise.

18. Are production stills available for potential use in a screening catalogue and other promotional materials? ____ Yes, ____ No.

19. __________________________________________