Joe Blades

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Ashes, Paper & Beans:
Writing & Arts

Tuesday, 7–8 pm, Atlantic Time.

Host Joe Blades
Ashes, Paper & Beans: Writing & Poetry broadcasts weekly on CHSR, Fredericton’s not-for-profit campus-based community radio station. We broadcast at 97.9 FM in the greater Fredericton area of New Brunswick, and worldwide via webcast. Donations are always welcomed. Tax receipts can be issued, if desired.
Ashes, Paper & Beans: Writing & Poetrybrings you a special blend of Canadian and international writers performing their words/works plus arts coverage. Since its first broadcast in 1995, the show and Joe Blades have received four CHSR Barry Awards: Spoken Word (1996, 2006, 2008) and Favourite Interviewer (1999–2000), as well as a Certificada de reconocimiento (2000) from the Academia Iberoamericana de Poesía/Asociación Prometeo de Poesía, Madrid, España.
Ashes, Paper & Beans features live and recorded author / artist / editor / translator / publisher interviews and readings + recorded panels / lectures / workshops + published CD, cassette and vinyl spoken word recordings from authors / spoken word/audio art artists everywhere + book reviews + writing competition info + poetry, drama, fiction, nonfiction, comedy, spoken word / performance / music hybrids and more . . . In the summer of 2005, Ashes, Paper & Beans became CHSR’s longest-running live member-produced program.
Joe Blades is the author of five published poetry books and editor of ten books. Living in Fredericton since 1990, he is also a visual artist, book publisher and arts community activist.
Authors touring through Fredericton, their publishers or publicists, may contact Joe Blades via email or by post to arrange interviews including live phone interviews.
Ashes, Paper & Beans welcomes review / promotional copies of relevant books and spoken word (slam, dub, etc.) audio recordings, media releases on author tours, writing competitions, calls for submissions, and other writing-related stuff.
Ashes, Paper & Beans
Box 596 Stn A
Fredericton NB E3B 5A6

P.S. I've heard that the show is also being rebroadcast some mornings (Monday & Friday @ 7 am).

Past programming: APB 2001, APB 2002, APB 2003, APB 2004, APB 2005, APB 2006APB 2007. APB 2008.

Our 2009 programming:
30 June, 7–8 pm.

23 June, 7–8 pm.

16 June, 7–8 pm.

9 June, 7–8 pm.

2 June, 7–8 pm.

26 May, 7–8 pm.

19 May, 7–8 pm.

12 May, 7–8 pm.

5 May, 7–8 pm.

28 April, 7–8 pm.

21 April, 7–8 pm.

14 April, 7–8 pm.

7 April, 7–8 pm.

31 March, 7–8 pm.

24 March, 7–8 pm.

17 March, 7–8 pm. Rebroadcast of a previous episode.

10 March, 7–8 pm. Rebroadcast of a previous episode.

3 March, 7–8 pm.

24 Feb, 7–8 pm.

17 Feb, 7–8 pm. "Foreign Accent" by Klyde Broox. Biff Mitchell's Writing Hurts Like Hell workshop class live with lectures, two writing exercises and readings: Biff Mitchell, Heather Stuckless, Catrin Berghoff, Leanne Ayer, Dawn Ouellette, Rita Monteith, Mary Mesgeau, Todd Arsenault, Jennifer Patterson, and Angela Na. "Rant Against Otherness" by Klyde Broox.

10 Feb, 7–8 pm. Live interview with Micha of Nonymous magazine. "Everybody" by Reg E. Gaines. "Sweats" by Nancy Dembowski. "So What" by Lilian Allen. "Stoplight Politics" by Ruth Foreman. "Project Princess" by Tracie Morris. "The X is Black (Spike Lie)" by Amiri Baraka. "Alien Nation Love" by Dub Trinity. "Malcolm is 'Bout More than Wearing the X" by Michael Warr. "Schoolyard of Broken Deams" by Marvin Tate. "Undertaker" by Patricia Smith. "Strong" by Motion in Poetry.

3 Feb, 7–8 pm. Rebroadcast of a previous episode.

27 Jan, 7–8 pm. Interview conducted by Joe Blades with video artist Peter Kingstone and Gallery ConneXion director Meredith Snider. Two Hilary Peach spoken word pieces: "Tattoo" & "Loretta". A Klyde Broox demo CD set: "Literary Coup", "Foreign Accent", "Under the Influence of Dub" & "The Revolution has Changed". UNB Reading news and 3-Day Novel Contest winners.

20 Jan, 7–8 pm. An excerpt from The Robert Burns Story by John Cairney including Burn's Tom O'Shanter" and "For A' That And A' That". "Love is a Small Town" by Hilary Peach. "Oilers" by Vince Tinguely. "Holmgang In Skaugnir" by Lord Torvald Torgarson. "The Green" by Dasez Scott.

13 Jan, 7–8 pm. Beverly Mathurne, "Je vas vendre mon chasse-neige / Sellin' My Snow Blowin' Machine". From Poems from Guantánano: The Detainees Speak: presented by Joan Kjaer and David Hamilton. "He Sings" by Fortner Anderson + tape/head. "Rant Against Otherness" by Klyde Broox. Three Koluskap stories in Wolastoq'kew by Gwen Bear and (?). "Lua rainbow" by Paula da Costa.

6 Jan, 7–8 pm. Rebroadcast of a previous episode.