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Ashes, Paper & Beans
Writing & Arts

Tuesday, 7–8 pm, Atlantic Time.

Host Joe Blades
Ashes, Paper & Beans: Writing & Arts broadcasts weekly on CHSR, Fredericton’s not-for-profit campus-based community radio station. We broadcast at 97.9 FM in the greater Fredericton area of New Brunswick, and worldwide via webcast.

Past programming: APB 2001, APB 2002, APB 2003, APB 2004, APB 2005, APB 2006APB 2007APB 2008.

Our 2008 programming:
30 Dec, 7–8 pm. Poem tracks from a Bruce McRae (Victoria, BC) demo cassette: "Sum Over Parts", "Grass in my Hair", Tiny Photographs", "Blueprint", and "Tough Luck". Live guest tonight: performing songwriter Yves St-Laurent of Fredericton and Montreal including performances of his "The Underwear Song" and the multilingual "Not So Very Far" plus his cover of a Johnny Cash tune: "The L&M; Don't Stop Here Any More". "Palmas" by Luis Rodriguez.

23 Dec, 7–8 pm. Rebroadcast of a previous episode.

16 Dec, 7–8 pm. Rebroadcast of a previous episode.

9 Dec, 7–8 pm. Vince Tinguely feature from the soon-to-be-released CD: I Am Burdened With A Past: Poetry Recordings 1986-2006. From Silver Wave Film Festival 2008 Industry Series: Canada Feature Film Panel-Case Study-Nonsense Revolution w/ Ann Verrall (Writer-Director), Thom Fitzgerald (Producer), Doug Pettigrew (Producer). "Sweeper Don't Clean My Street" by Reg E. Gaines.

2 Dec, 7–8 pm. "I'm a Stranger Here, Myself" by Cin Salach & Sheila Donahue. "Beat the Drum" by Christopher Stewart. "New Work" (poems) by Marilyn Iwama. A Morsel by Paula Belina.

25 Nov, 7–8 pm. Silver Wave Film Festival 2008's Documentary Filmmakers panel w/ Chris Campbell, Kevin Matthews, Brian Francis, Kent Martin & Rachel Bower. "Part of a poem by Alden Nowlan called Ypres: 1915" (song) by NQ Arbuckle. "Window Seat", "Habitat", and "My Mountain" by Aural Heather. "Whisper" by Andrea Thompson. "The Density of Fire" by Sharon Singer & Bob Mover.

11 Nov, 7–8 pm. Rebroadcast of a previous episode.

4 Nov, 7–8 pm. From a 19 March 2007 reading: Ken Babstock poems & Jan Conn reading mostly from Jaguar Rain (Brick Books). "Ode" by Andrea Thompson. "Three Blocks West of Wonderland" by Aural Heather. "Into the Deep" by Sharon Singer & Bob Mover.

28 Oct, 7–8 pm. "Natural Resources" by Utah Phillips & ani difranco. Yolande House & Susan Douglas of Fredericton on National Novel Writing Month. longstoryshort" by Sekou Sundiata, followed by the Silver Wave Film Festival media launch of this past Thursday. "How to Remain" by Aural Heather.

21 Oct, 7–8 pm. "Puerto Rican Literature on the Island and in the USA" by What's the Word" Radio Series (program 146) produced by the Modern Languages Association of America, NY, NY. Governor General's Literary Awards 2008 finalists announcement. "eating filet mignon" by bill bissett. « À Moncton » par Gérald LeBlanc, Fayo. WFNB Fall Fair and other arts event news. "Oscar Wilde and Friends" by Monty Python.

14 Oct, 7–8 pm. The 2007 Christina Sabat Memorial Lecture by New Brunswick artist-craftsperson Peter Powning. Arts and writing/reading notices. "He Sings" by Fortner Anderson + tape/head. "Rainbow Mewsik" by bill bissett. "À Moncton" par Gérald LeBlanc, Fayo.

7 Oct, 7–8 pm. "Howl" & "Footnote to Howl" by Allen Ginsberg. Publishing in the Maritimes with Jo-Anne Elder (revue Ellipse mag); Joe Blades (Broken Jaw Press) & Biff Michell. "How to Remain" by Aural Heather.

30 Sept, 7–8 pm. Live guest: GG-winning Cape Breton poet Don Domanski. "ww3: war on the worms" & "memo from the gods" by R C Weslowski; "Freya's Wedding" by Lord Torvaldr Torgardson; "Sin City" by Sheri-D Wilson; "Sea Creatures" by Sharon Singer & Bob Mover; "Don't Shoot Till You See The Whites Of Their Eyes" by Jean Smith.

23 Sept, 7–8 pm. A previously recorded episode.

16 Sept, 7–8 pm. A previously recorded episode.

9 Sept, 7–8 pm. A previously recorded episode.

2 Sept, 7–8 pm. A previously recorded episode.

26 Aug, 7–8 pm. An opening set from the CD Snake in the Heart (Tia Chucha Press, 1994) by Chicago spoken word artists: "Malcom is 'bout more than wearing a hat" by Michael Warr; "Schoolyard of Broken Dreams" by Marvin Tate + D'Settlement; "Undertaker" by Patricia Smith; "Liquid Thoughts" by David Hernandez + Street Sound. Tracks 1-18 from Canadian writer Paulo da Costa's CD Notas de rodapé in Portugese. The song "Cockroach" by BronweN.

19 Aug, 7–8 pm. Splendor and Death of Porfirio Rubirosa—an original voiceplay by Chris Baskous. Second half of the show featured cuts from Aural Heather's Princess Nut CD: "Window Seat", "Habitat", "My Mountain", "Appleton", "Sechelt", Poetess", & "Princess Nut".

12 Aug, 7–8 pm. Bob Holman's "Lounge Chair", R.C. Weslowski's "i've been thinking / it's about time", "Bridges" by Utah Phillips & ami difranco, "longstoryshort" by Sekou Sundiata, "Intro to Smoke (A Novel)" by R. Murray Schafer, Go Now (chapters 1 & 2) by Richard Hell, "Vive le (for Henri Chopin)" by Paul Dutton, et « Pandore » par Mitsiko Miller.

5 Aug, 7–8 pm. A previously recorded episode.

29 July, 7–8 pm. A previously recorded episode.

22 July, 7–8 pm. One Canadian poetry CD in its entirety: Shaking Hands with the Night (Pendas Productions by Katerina Fretwell.

15 July, 7–8 pm. Ultraeye (Blue Orange Publishing) by Richard Rathwell. Writer members of Fredericton's BlackTop MotorCycle Gang: Biff Mitchell; Joe Blades; Todd Arsenault; Vivian Unger; Yolande House.

8 July, 7–8 pm. Three Canadian spoken word or poetry CDs. The first feature was Bowen Island's Heather Haley's new "spoken word songs" CD Princess Nut (RPW Records) under the moniker Aural Heather, with the tracks: "How to Remain", "Whore in the Eddy", "Three Blocks West of Wonderland", "Window Seat", and "Habit". Second feature was the soon-to-be-released poetry and jazz Global Warming CD collaboration by Toronto poet Sharon Singer and musician Bob Mover: "Becalmed", "Global warming", "carny Boy", "Rock-a-Bye Baby", "Degrees of Closeness", and "Sea Creatures". Third was a sound poetry and music collaboration, SoundSpoke: Anne Anglin, Bill Gilliam, Penn Kemp, Rick Sacks CD The Late Nite Lingue Lounge, Distillery Jazz Festival, Toronto, May 2004 (Pendas Productions, 2004) with "from Bone Poem", "Side Kicks", "The Shadow", "Side Show", and "Declination". Show ended with the short poem "When Summer Comes" by Lem Snow from Tall are the Tales: Newfoundland Stories and Recitations (Pigeon Inlet Productions).

1 July, 7–8 pm. Canada Day episode: Biff Naked's "Canadians". Live interview-riff with Biff Mitchell on the upcoming Maritime Writers' Workshop and on things writing and arts related. Verbomotorhead's "Fat Summer".

24 June, 7–8 pm. James Reaney & "The Ducks". "Filthy Words" & "Occupation: Foole" by George Carlin; "Beat the Drum" by Christoher Stewart; "Sin Tax" by Penn Kemp; "Howl" & "Invisible Wings II" by Geode Music + Poetry; "Pome Poem" by bpNichol; "WISH (for bp)" by Gerry Shikatani; and, from Ultraeye by Richard Rathwell, "The Whale" & "Revelations from the Whale".

17 June, 7–8 pm. The Grey Islands (Rattling Books) by John Steffler (ISBN 978-0-9737586-0-3). Narrated by John Steffler and (in order of appearance) Frank Holden, Janis Spence, Deidre Gillard-Rowlings and Darryl Hopkins. "Support the Poet" song by Mark Kozub.

10 June, 7–8 pm. Writing Home Reading of 2 Feb 2008 featuring Faye Heavyshield, Alma Brooks, Biff Mitchell, Elaine Mercier, Carol Collicutt, Nela Rio w/ her poem "Paix" (Peace), Jo-Anne Elder and Faye King. Oh, What a Life", by Ivan Coyote & Rae Spoon. Poem tracks off the Unheard of . . . Tupperware Sandpiper Spoken Word CD: "Wouldn't You Like to fly" by Noelle Trkulja, "Word From the Girl at the Bus Stop" & "Job" by Monica S. Kuebler, "The Physical World" by Bruce McRae, "The Edge of Night" by Jeanette Lynes.

3 June, 7–8 pm. The Grey Islands (Rattling Books) by John Steffler (ISBN 978-0-9737586-0-3). Narrated by John Steffler and (in order of appearance) Frank Holden, Janis Spence, Deidre Gillard-Rowlings and Darryl Hopkins.

27 May, 7–8 pm. "Ghetto Defendant" by Allen Ginsberg & The Clash, on vinyl. "Big Sky Alberta" by Sheri-D Wilson. "Berlin Suite" by reg e. gaines. "The Healing Poem" by Michael Lally. "Adventures of Ralph Melish" & "The Cheese Shop" by Monty Python. "149th & 3rd" by reg e. gaines. "The Phone-in" by Monty Python.

20 May, 7–8 pm. "Poetry And All That Jazz" by Jack Kerouac & United Future Organization. Live interview with, and reading by, Vagabond Trust writers' group members Katie Brown, Ryan Griffith, Corenski Nowlan and Jordan Trethewey. "Winter" by Kevin Matthews.

13 May, 7–8 pm. Recorded @ HJ&B interview by Joe Blades with performing songwriter Thom Swift, incl "Healing Man" song. Partial recording of a Fredericton reading by Alberta poet Yvonne Trainer. "Airplane Paula" by Sheri-D Wilson w/ Russell Broom.

6 May, 7–8 pm. Monty Python's "Wide World of Novel Writing". Live interview with actor Lita Llewellyn. Six pieces by J. Nichole Noël off her 2005 CD Verse . . . The Power of the Spoken Words in Music: "The Gift", "The Essence of Sweet Music", "Adultery of the Mind", "Parent and Child—A Love Unlike Any Other", "Let Not Our Voices Go Unheard", and "Silent is the Bird Without a Song".

29 April, 7–8 pm. "Down the Two Mile Hill" by Ivan Coyote & Rae Spoon. From the 8th Multicultural-Multilingual International Poetry Reading (recorded 15 mars 2008 @ Gallery ConneXion, F'ton). "N.I.Gel Freestyle" by Pocket Dwellers.

22 April, 7–8 pm. The 15 March 2008 Fredericton presentation-launch at Gallery Connexion of Latinocanadá: A Critical Study of Ten Latin American Writers of Canada (McGill-Queen's University Press) by Montreal author Hugh Hazelton with Fredericton author Nela Rio and Jo-Anne Elder as emcee. Ivan Coyote's "Something About The Light". "Opo-Wa Gitchi Manitou" song by Wabistan.

15 April, 7–8 pm. "He Sings" by Fortner Anderson + tape/head. "Elvis has left the Building" and "Old Man of the Sea" by Gerard Beirne. "Play" by Kevin Matthews. "No Showcase Up Here" by Ivan E. Coyote. "The Mine is Closed" song by Ray Spoon. "Song of Freedom" by J. Nichole Noël. Pat Leech and Carson Butts, both editors for QWERTY magazine, were in the fishbowl for the second half of the show for an interview and readings of their own writings and pieces by other writers published in the latest issue of Qwerty. "The Piano has been Drinking (but not Me)" by Tom Waits.

8 April, 7–8 pm. 8th International International Multicultural-Multilingual Poetry Reading at Gallery Connexion, Fredericton, NB, on 15 March 2008: Jo-Anne Elder, emcee; readers included Yvonne Muzira, Joe Blades, M. Travis Lane, Alice Fay King, Carlos Morales, Josh Taylor, Giovanni Milani, Biff Mitchell, Eugenia Dietrich, Cecilia Brooks, Dawn-Aeron Wason, Carolina Dietrich, Hugh Hazelton, and Jo-Anne Elder. Two tracks by J. Nichole Noël: “Dead Man Walking Down the Aisle” and “My Name is Nigel”.

1 April, 7–8 pm. The 2 Feb Writing Home Reading @ Gallery Connexion emceed by Jo-Anne Elder, featuring Bonnie Devine, Nela Rio, Joe Blades, Jo-Anne Elder and Faye Heavyshield. "He Sings" by Fortner Anderson + tape/head. "Songs of Freedom" by J. Nichole Noël.

25 March, 7–8 pm. BlackTop MotorCycle Gang. "Ring the Black Bell" by Sleepy Driver. John Heinstein read Andrew Titus poems. We discussed the 2007 & 2008 Voice of the People Read-a-Thons, Poetry Slams & BlackTop MotorCycle Gang "reading raids" to happen 27 & 29 March in Fredericton. Eric Gale performed several of his songs including "Dedication Rag" and "Close-Up View (The Tattoo Song)". Biff read from a story-on-progress. Joe Blades read from his manuscript "The Book That Doesn't Close". "My Skin" by J. Nichole Noël.

18 March, 7–8 pm. "Somewhere Suite" by Jack Gabel off his CD Dog Star. Interview with Cyberpunk Biff Mitchell of the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang talking potato: potatoes and poetry slams; pesticides and Robbie Burns; presentations and films; small press fairs and “reading raids”; Maritime Writers' Workshop and Read-a-Thons. I read my poem "school-free storm day". Biff read him piece "The Road to the End of the World". I read my NB & PEI report for the League of Canadian Poets March newsletter.

11 March, 7–8 pm. Dramatic Filmmakers Panel (Silver Wave 2007) w/ Joel Thompson, Steve Doiron, Danny Thebeau, Dawn Boyd, Michael Aronson. Fredericton arts & readings news. Poems from Guantánamo introduced and read by Joan Kjaer & David Hamilton.

4 March, 7–8 pm. Rebroadcast of a previous episode.

26 Feb, 7–8 pm. Rebroadcast of a previous episode.

19 Feb, 7–8 pm. Rebroadcast of a previous episode.

12 Feb, 7–8 pm. Rebroadcast of a previous episode.

5 Feb, 7–8 pm. Rebroadcast of a previous episode.

29 Jan, 7–8 pm. Rebroadcast of a previous episode.

22 Jan, 7–8 pm. Excerpt from the Multilingual Reading of the Side by Side Festival of Literary Translation / Côte à Côte festival de traduction littéraire 2007 featuring various artists/poets/readers including Jean Babineau, Euge Dietrich, Jesse Ferguson, Nela Rio, Hugh Thomas, Whitefeather & son Eliah. Fredericton arts news, press releases, emails, and PSAs. I read the Robert Burns poem "To A Mouse, On Turning Her Up In Her Nest With The Plough, November, 1785" for his birthday anniversay this coming Friday, 25 January. Opening segment of The Grey Islands (Rattling Books) by John Steffler (ISBN 978-0-9737586-0-3). Narrated by John Steffler and (in order of appearance) Frank Holden, Janis Spence, Deidre Gillard-Rowlings and Darryl Hopkins.

15 Jan, 7–8 pm. Recordings by Joan Kjaer and David Hamilton of five poems from the anthology Poems from Guantánamo: The Detainees Speak (University of Iowa Press, 2007), edited by Marc Falkoff. Poems by Jumah al Dossari and other detainees. Three Koluskap Stories from the Wolastoqiyik, narrated in Wolastoqiyik: "Izignapogos, The Half-Stone Man" told by Gwen Bear; "Koluskap and His Brother, Malsum" told by Roseanne Clark; "Koluskap and the Giant Beaver" told by Gwen Bear. "Talking Tourism" by Nova Scotia-based blues-storyteller Morgan Davis. "The Gift" and "The Essence of Sweet Music"—off J. Nichole Noël's 2005 CD Verse . . . The Power of the Spoken Word in Music (The Write Words Production & Publishing). The opening of Michael Winter's 2004 novel The Big Why about American painter and adventurer Rockwell Kent, unabridged MP3 CD audiobook edition published by Rattling Books (2007), as narrated by Robert Joy.

8 Jan, 7–8 pm. Guest: performing songwriter Yves St-laurent. The show started with "So Far" and ended with "Not So Very Far" off his demo CD Trains, Blues & Guitars. The rest of the show was an interview interspersed with live performances of his "Song About Memphis", "Here Comes My Girl", and "The Underwear Song".

1 Jan, 7–8 pm. "Emergency" by Hugh Hazelton. BlackTop Motorcycle Gang writers' group members John Heinstein & Biff Mitchell joined me on air. The show included poems read by John and me, and Biff reading his story-prose poem "One-Eyed Josephine" while getting his hair cut and his head shaved by John live on radio.