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Ashes, Paper & Beans
Poetry & Writing

Tuesday, 7–8 pm, Atlantic Time.

Host Joe Blades
Our current year's programming: ashespaperandbeans.htm

Past programming: APB 2001, APB 2002, APB 2003, APB 2004, APB 2005, APB 2006APB 2007APB 2008.

Our 2007 programming history:

25 Dec, 7–8 pm. rebroadcast of a previous episode.

18 Dec, 7–8 pm. "The Natural State of Man" poem by Fortner Anderson. Live guest: Richard Lemm from Charlottetown, PEI. In the first half of the show, we had a lively discussion on the arts; the Banff Centre; and on the writing and publishing community of Prince Edward Island. In the second half, we promoted his new collection of short fiction, Shape of Things to Come (Charlottetown: Acorn Press) and he read excerpts from two stories in the collection. "Emergency" poem by Hugh Hazelton.

11 Dec, 7–8 pm. Tonight's episode featured a live-from-the-Fishbowl interview with performing songwriter Eric Gale of Fredericton—a BlackTop MotorCycle Gang member—live with guitar! Show started with the CD version of the song "Maybe Tomorrow". The interview included live renditions of "Home", "Close-up (The Tattoo Song)", "Little Man", "My Heartache, My Highway", a cover of "Oops! . . . I Did It Again", and "Sign". Show ended with Eric's CD version of "Close-up (The Tattoo Song)" followed by Drek Daa's poem "In In-Between".

4 Dec, 7–8 pm. Roundtable on Endangered Languages at the 2007 Side by Side Festival of Literary Translation / Côte à Côte festival de traduction littéraire with festival coordinator Jo-Anne Elder, emcee Roger Moore and panelists Nela Rio, Mark Abley, Elisabet Ràfols and Carlos Gomes. "Big Sky Alberta" by Sheri-D Wilson and Russell Broom. "Exploding Head Man" by Ian Ferrier.

27 Nov, 7–8 pm. "Episode 3" of the WrimoRadio podcast project of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). John B. Lee's poem "Jimi Hendrix in the Company of Cows". A 1997 reading by Toronto author Carol Malyon. "The Dogs" by Jean Smith.

20 Nov, 7–8 pm. Sheri-D Wilson & Russell Broom with "Snap Shot". Live guest: author M. T. Dohaney discussed her latest novel, The Flannigans (Penneywell Books). Drek Daa with "Isles of Grass", "Omaha Poetry", "There and Then". WriMo Radio 2007, episode 1, from National Novel Writing Month. Sheri-D Wilson with "I am a Closet New Yorker".

13 Nov, 7–8 pm. Elizabeth Hay reading from Late Nights on Air (Harper Canada). Side by Side Festival of Literary Translation / Côte à Côte festival de traduction littéraire Roundtable / table rounde on /sur Endangered Languages: Jo-Anne Elder, Roger Moore, Nela Rio, Mark Abley. "The Green" by Dasez Scott from the Word Up spoken word CD (Virgin/EMI, 1995).

6 Nov, 7–8 pm. "Martin Scorcese (PG-13)" by King Missile. Interview with two guests: NB filmmakers Bunthivy Nou and Dennis Poirier, both on the board of the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Cooperative and involved in several film productions screening in the 2007 Silver Wave Film Festival. Show ended with "The X is Black (Spike Lie)" by Amiri Baraka.

30 Oct, 7–8 pm. Guests: NB filmmaker Joel Thompson, writer, director, producer of They Didn't Make It (Timeline Pictures); Whitney Illsley, actor; Jim Lavoie, publicist Silver Wave Film Festival. Show ended with "The Night Is Executing Its Wishes" by Drek Daa and "Vive le (for Henri Chopin)" by Paul Dutton.

23 Oct, 7–8 pm. Guests: poets Alex Boyd and Dani Couture, both living in Toronto, were live from the CHSR 97.9 FM "fishbowl" including discussion of their Northern Poetry Review and the reading of poems, both new and from their books: Alex Boyd's Making Bones Walk (Luna Publications) Dani Couture's good meat (Pedlar Press). The 2nd half of the show started with my afternoon recording of the launch of the Nov 2007 Silver Wave Film Festival. It was followed by Fredericton readings news; Drek Daa's "Pod of Granite Whales"; and bill bissett's "wuns I saw it raining frogs".

16 Oct, 7–8 pm. "On Anne Szumigalski" discussion by Mark Abley & Elsabet Rafòls @ Side by Side Festival. Poems from On Glassy Wings (Coteau, 1997) by Anne Szumigalski, read by the author: Classification • Skeps in the Orchard • Want of P, Want of Ð • Annfwn • Aunt's Story • A Game of Angels. "eating filet mignon" by bill bissett. "he sings" by Fortner Anderson + tape/head. David's Father by Robert Munsch. "Pod of Granite Whales" by Drek Daa.

9 Oct, 7–8 pm. Montreal poet Paula Belina's mini-CD A Morsel: "turtle backs (p.e.i.)", "us two giants", "un morceau du milles-pattes", "the magicians", "dziag". "Go to the Sea" and "The Viking Ship" by PEI Poet Laureate Frank Ledwell. George Featherling reading poetry at Frye Jam 2007. "Sometimes I think" by Fortner Anderson. Fredericton arts news. "The love song of roy g biv" and "play" by Kevin Matthews.

2 Oct, 7–8 pm. "Human Drag" by Phlip Arima. A Side by Side Festival of Literary Translation / Côte à Côte festival de traduction littéraire episode: Mark Abley interview & reading. "Fat Summer" by Verbomotorhead.

25 Sept, 7–8 pm. Live interview with Jo-Anne Elder, co-ordinator of the Side by Side Festival of Literary Translation / Côte à Côte festival de traduction littéraire: Langues en danger / Indigenous and Endangered Languages. Fredericton & Moncton, NB. Two pieces by Meryn Cadell: "Spelling Bee" and "The Sweater". "My Backyard" by Montreal poet Fortner Anderson. "Big Sky Alberta" by Calgary poet Sheri-D Wilson w/ Russell Broom. "The Duck" by James Reaney of London, Ontario. "Bandalungwa Makelele" by Tchitala Kamba of Calgary.

18 Sept, 7–8 pm. Upcoming Fredericton readings. Seven cuts off Kevin Matthews' Spoken Word 2005: meat / faults / winter / no lullabies / stargazing / bush voter / until then. Interview in the second half of the show with Gisto, the guitar player in Wassabi Collective, with their songs "Dune" and "Almighty" from the Stories Not Forgotten CD. Show ended with Brigitte Harrison reading a prose piece in French at Frye Jam and "Shooting at a Liquor Store" by Tod Gaines.

11 Sept, 7–8 pm. Moe Clark from the Calgary International Spoken Word Festival 2007. Selections from the "Frye Jam" at the 2007 Frye Festival with three authors—Lesley Choyce, Marie-France Comeau, Marilyn Lerch—reading with musical accompaniment-background by Les Païens followed by pAn with three songs. Show ended with "Just One Night" by Dwayne Morgan.

4 Sept, 7–8 pm.Gil Scott-Heron "Black History/Jaws/The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" • Dwayne Morgan "The Evolution" • Sekou Sundiata "Droppin' Revolution" • Hilary Peach "This is the Pictute (to be Repeated)" & "Love is a Small Town" • Ivan Coyote/One Trick Rodeo "My Hero" • Barbara DeCesare "Treatment"

28 Aug, 7–8 pm. Guests: John Heinstein, Biff Mitchell & WhiteFeather from BlackTop Motorcycle Gang writers group + BTMG member & host Joe Blades. Work perforned included John Heinstein reading "Naughty Little poems for Naughty Little Boys and Girls" and "Pass the Gas" and Joe Blades reading "prison songs 29 & 30". Also in the mix was the poem "What are You Going to Do With Your Life?" by Barbara DeCesare, the F'ton band Sleepy Driver with "Ring the Black Bell" off their demo EP and King Missile with the spoken word piece "What If?"

21 Aug, 7–8 pm. First half of the show was from a student poetry reading at the University of East Sarajevo in Pale, Republika Srpska. It included original poems by a number of students, readings of the lyrics in English of "Wish You Were Here" (Pink Floyd) and "Famous Blue Raincoat" (Leonard Cohen). Second half of the show started with Liz Niven's "Wick" & other poems followed by a featured of poems—1. The Farmer, 2. What Ever Happened to the Rainbow?, 3. The Boxing Ring, 4. Shooting at a Liquor Store, 5. To My Young Brothers, 6. My Freedom Poem, 7. My Son, 8. Father Do You Care, 9. To the Boogie Man, 10. It's Me, 11. For the Love that I Gave, 12. Don't Go No Where—by Tod Gaines off his CD Rocky Mountain Oysters and it closed with "Buffalo" by Hilary Peach off Poems Only Dogs Can Hear.

14 Aug, 7–8 pm. repeat of a previous episode.

7 Aug, 7–8 pm. • "Blood, blood blood" & other poems, by d'bi young • "cercles migrants" featuring a poem of Hâfez performed by Constantinople (followed by my reading the English translation of the poem) • "Edasamus" by Iveel Othel • "three zine reviews" by Joe Blades from • "Tattoo" by Hilary Peach

31 July, 7–8 pm. Tonight's episode started with emcee Emily Elder, artistic director Sheri-D Wilson, poets Shannon Maguire and Wendy Morton from the Women's Circle show at the Art Gallery of Calgary—the closing event of the Calgary International Spoken Word Festival 2007. That was followed by R.C. Weslowski with "ww3: war on the worms" and "memo from the gods"; "Solway Sunset" and other poems by Jackie Galley from Scotland; and Nova Scotian Lloyd MacHardy with his song "Oh Those Union Dues".

27 July, Friday, 6-7 pm: Highland Ashes, Paper & Beans. A selection of contemporary Scottish poetry: • Liz Niven, "Wick" & other poems • Douglas Lipton poems • Hamish MacDonald, "An Ode . . ." & children's poems • Hugh McMillan, "Suprise Attacks" and other poems • Janet Paisley, "Sandra, in all Innocence" • Tom Pow, "The Football" and other poems.

24 July, 7–8 pm. Big Bang Poetry & Music event in the 2007 Calgary International Spoken Word Festival: Blake Brooker, emcee; Sheri-D Wilson & Cheryl L'Hirondelle with "Big Sky Alberta", and Dwayne Morgan with various poems including “Ugly in the House Tonight”, “Everyday Males, or, eMales”, "This is Hard" & “The Making of a Man”. Finnish sound poem by Leevi Leto: "Sanasade (Marko Niemi remix)". "Revival" by Andrea Thompson.

17 July, 7–8 pm. Big Bang Poetry & Music event in the 2007 Calgary International Spoken Word Festival: Blake Brooker, emcee; Kris Demeanor with "Dr Meat", "Practice" (song) & "My Game"; and Sheri-D Wilson with "Reality Over Hangover". "He Sings" by Fortner Anderson. "It Doesn't Hurt" by Ivan Coyote. "Dominant Hand" by Barbara Decesare.

10 July, 7–8 pm. Shane Koyzan's CD Visiting Hours from his book of the same name. Two cuts from the Dig Your Roots Spoken Word CD: Steph Berntson with "Barreling Madly" and Kevin Matthews with "Arsenic and Boldface". "Equilibrium" by Neema, "I've Been Thinking / It's about Time" by R.C. Weslowski; “What are you going to do with your life?” by Barbara Decesare; "Tattoo" and "Loretta" by Hilary Peach.

3 July, 7–8 pm. Live interview-discussion with poet Monty Reid. Two Canadian spoken word artist pieces «La Première Fois» by Ivan Bielinski and “We Are More” by Shane Koyczan. “What are you going to do with your life?” by Pennsylvanian poet Barbara Decesare.

26 June, 7–8 pm.
Feature on poet Tchitala Kamba and her book+CD L'exilée de Makelele (St Boniface: Éditions de Plaines). Two by R.C. Weslowski followed: "ww3: war on the worms" & "memo from the gods". Sheri-D Wilson with "Famous Five". John Stiles and Scouts are Cancelled. "It takes time to understand the stone" by Drek Daa.

19 June, 7–8 pm. Biff (aka, Eric Hill, and Andrew "Old Skull" Titus: three members of the BlackTop Motorcycle Gang writers' group in Fredericton. They were circling the mics, talking the talk and reading poems for that nebulous listening audience. Plus three tracks from 12" vinyl in my possession: • George Carlin "Occupation: Foole" • Tom Konyves & Ken Norris "Were Men, It Is" • Robert Priest "Inflation".

12 June, 7–8 pm. 9th Christina Sabat Memorial Lecture, "Creative Transformation: Where Life, Art, and Reality Collide" by Peter Powning of Markhamville, NB. "Big Sky Alberta" by Sheri-D Wilson. "Butterfly Bomb" by R.C. Weslowski.

5 June, 7–8 pm. "As I Stand" by Fortner Anderson + Alexander MacSween. "The Only Two Smokers" by Ivan E Coyote. "Hard to Choke Your Artichoke Heart" by Nico Rogers. "Untitled" by Julie Parnell. "I Sold My Wealth" by Odessa Thornhill. "homebody/homegirl" by T.L. Cowan. Live interview by Joe Blades with UNB students, writers, and Qwerty editorial board members Jessie Fergusson and Danny Jacobs. "ww3: war on the worms" by R.W. Weslowski.

29 May, 7–8 pm. Harvey Pekar, author of the long-running American Splendor nonfiction comic/ graphic novel, live at Frye Festival 2007. "Domesticators" by Sheri-D Wilson. "Buffalo" by Hilary Peach. "Listen" by Andrea Thompson. "In the Time Before" by Barbara Adler.

22 May, 7–8 pm. "he sings" by Fortner Anderson + tape/head; "i've been thinking / it's about time" by R.C. Weslowski; "Harley Graveyard" by Sheri-D Wilson; "Three Knocks" by Dwayne Morgan; "Emergency" by Hugh Hazelton; "This is the Picture (to be Repeated)" by Hilary Peach; "Slérosi névrosa" par Geneviève Letarte; "Snare, Kick, Rack, and Floor" by Paul Dutton; "Literary Coup" by Klyde Broox; "The Beavers Think It's Spring" by Kris Demeanor; "Sayings" by Robert Priest.

15 May, 7–8 pm. Jan Conn reading from Jaguar Rain (Brick Books) plus • "eeting filet mignon" by bill bissett • "My Hero" by Ivan E. Coyote (w/ Richard) • "ut ut igboo weasels" by R.C. Weslowski • "Juicy" by Andrea Thompson

8 May, 7–8 pm. Was an almost all [SWAN] Spoken Word Arts Network night on Ashes, Paper & Beans: "he sings" by fortner anderson (montreal) • "The Last Frontier" by Hilary Peach (Gabriola Island) • "Listen" by Andrea Thompson (Toronto) • "Rant Against Otherness" by Klyde Broox (Hamilton) • "Pelican Lake Conversions" by Kris Demeanor (Calgary) • "Last Night" by Dwayne Morgan (Toronto) • "I Like to Wear Dresses" by Ivan E. Coyote (Whitehorse & Vancouver) • "The Lighthouse is On" by Drek Daa (Winnipeg) • "Domesticators" by Sheri-D Wilson (Calgary).

1 May, 7–8 pm. Frye Festival's Dialogue between authors Patrick Lane and Bernice Eisenstein. Two pieces by Dwayne Morgan: "For the Love of Money" and "My Declaration of War".

24 April, 7–8 pm. Marilyn Iwama’s “A Poetry Break” reading of 10 April ’07 @ The Banff Centre. Frye Festival 2007 info, by Joe Blades • Joe Blades live interview with UNB grad student writers Carson Butts and Matt Leslie • “Comfortably Canadian” by Officious Little Students

17 April, 7–8 pm. Rebroadcast of previous episode.

10 April, 7–8 pm. Rebroadcast of previous episode.

3 April, 7–8 pm. "Lure" by Judy MacInnes Jr • Joe Blades live interview with poet Karen Solie including her reading of three poems—"More Fun in the New World", "The Vandal Confesses", "Thrasher"—from Modern and Normal (Brick Books) • "Sclérosi névrosa" par Geneviève Letarte. • poet Steve Luxton reading from Luna Moth (DC Books) @ Atwater Library, Montreal • "Pandore" par Mitsiko Miller • "Comfortably Canadian" by Officious Little Students • Fredericton Readings News, by Joe Blades • "Exploding Head Man (live)" by Ian Ferrier & Brio Trio.

27 March, 7–8 pm. "Sometimes I Think" by Montreal poet Fortner Anderson ¤ "Ode To Commemorate the World Burns Federation's First Summer School, July 2003" by Scottish poet Hamish MacDonald ¤ "poems" by rob mclennan (from an Ottawa Poetry Podcast) ¤ "Dad and the Fridge Box" by Newfoundland poet Agnes Walsh (Brick Books) ¤ Ken Babstock reading from Airstream Land Yacht (House of Anansi Press Inc.) w/ a reading introduction by Ross Leckie (19 March 2007) ¤ Fredericton readings news, by Joe Blades ¤ "Husk" by poet James Deahl, music by D.C. Fitzgerald.

20 March, 7–8 pm. Robert Dickson, deux poems (his translation of a Lola Lemire Tostevin poem + a poem of his in French) • Lola Lemire Tostevin reading her translation into English of Robert Dickson's poem • Vince Tinguely "Oilers" • Sheri-D Wilson "From Bunhead to Bard" • Max Middle reading (from his Ottawa Poetry Podcast) • Paul Dutton "Vive le (for Henri Chopin)".

13 March, 7–8 pm. Preempted by hockey game broadcast.

From January through early March 2007, Ashes, Paper & Beans episodes from the show's archives were rebroadcast.