Joe Blades

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Ashes, Paper & Beans
Poetry & Writing

Tuesday, 7–8 pm, Atlantic Time.

with host Joe Blades

Our current year's programming: ashespaperandbeans.htm

Past programming: APB 2001, APB 2002, APB 2003, APB 2004, APB 2005, APB 2006 APB 2007 APB 2008.

Our 2006 programming history:

Note: As of 8 August Ashes, Paper & Beans episodes from the archives were broadcast for the rest of the year as I was in Eastern Europe.

1 August7–8 pm. Monty Python, "Wide World of Novel Writing." Lisa Moore story "Open Your Eyes" read by Holly Hogan. Various tracks from the Word Up CD. "Bridges" by Utah Phillips and ani difranco. Ted Russell "Stealin' the Holes." Monty Python "Oscar Wilde and Friends." Robert Priest "Sayings." From United States of Poetry: "Democracy" by Leonard Cohen, "Slot Machine" by Emily XYZ & Myles Bartlett, "I'm an Emotional Idiot" by Maggie Estep, "Romeo had Juliette" by Loe Reed. Monty Python, "Bookshop."

28 July, Scottish Ashes, Paper & Beans, a Highland Radio special episode. Poets from the Dunfries and Galloway region of Southwesten Scotland: Derek Ross, Douglas Lipton, Hamish MacDonald, Liz Niven, Hugh MacMillan, and Jackie Galley.

25 July, 7–8 pm. [Missed it! Oops.]

18 July, 7–8 pm. Henry Rollins stand-up comedy-rant "No One is Fax Exempt". Mary Elizabeth Grace poem "Madda Madda Rose". Sean Virgo short story "Bolt".

11 July, 7–8 pm. Michal Lally's long poem "Where Do We Belong". Gerry Shikatani's "Wish (for bp)". "Rush Hour" by Catherine Hunter. Tracks from Carnivocal: A celebration of sound poetry (Omnikron & Red Deer, 1999): bill bissett "Opening Chant" • Stephen Cain, from: "Alpha Bites, A Primer, Rhinoceros, Pome for Viktor Shklovsky" • W. Mark Sutherland, "On Dissecting the Larynx", "Hiroshima" • Nobuo Kuboto and W. Mark Sutherland, "Lullaby for Kurt Schwitters" • Verbomotorhead, "Fat Summer".

4 July, 7–8 pm. Alix Olson, from New York City, with "Deadbeat Daddy" and "America's on Sale". From the ALTA Bilingual Reading #12 from 2003 in Cambridge MA: emcee Alexis Levitin; Beatriz Hausner reading from "The Strategist's Death"—her translation of a story by Alvaro Mutis; Enrica J. Ardemagni reading from her novel translation What Have You Done? written by Jose Castro. Show ended with three cuts from the CD Carnivocal (Red Deer Press & Omnikron Publishing): Claude Gauvreau with "Jappements à la lune". Verbomotorhead with "Monks of the Holy Throat" & "Fat Summer".

27 June, 7–8 pm. An all-Canadian poetry episode: • Hugh Hazelton from antimatter: "Emergency", "The Imperial Birthday Party" • Heather O'Neill, "Friday Night" • Chris Bell, "Bikes" • Helene Monette (poem) + Bob Oliver (music), "Heure de pointe" • Swifty Lazarus, "History is Dead (Read My Lips)" • Clive Holden from Trains of Winnipeg (Cyclops Press): "bus north to thompson with les at the wheel", "wind", "transcona" & "babette" • Al Purdy from Necropsy of Love (Cyclops Press): "The Caribou Horses", "In the Early Cretaceous" & "Lament for the Dorsets"

20 June, 7–8 pm. Monty Python with “Wide World of Novel Writing” • “Raising Cade” story by Margaret Macpherson • Monty Python with “The Cheeseshop” • “At the Quinte Hotel” poem by Al Purdy • Stn ID (Mr Something Something) • “Homet and the Giant Sea Worm” tale by Stephen DiLauro • Monty Python with “Bishop on the Landing” • Maggie Estep with “Sex Goddess of the Western Hemisphere”.

13 June, 7–8 pm. Richard Hell from his novel Go Now. Clive Holden with "Trains of Winnipeg" & "Eighteen Thousand Dead in Gordon Head". Radio Free Vestibule with "Froo Froo the talking cat". &, from The United States of Poetry (Mouth Almighty/Mercury): Emily XYZ & Myers Bartlett "Slot Machine", Matt Cook "James Joyce", Tracie Morris "Project Princess", Amiri Baraka "The X is Black (Spike Lie)".

6 June, 7–8 pm. bpNichol "Pome Poem". Christian Bök performing Hugo Ball's "Sea Horses and Flying Fish". Steven Ross Smith "Two Kinds". Terrance Cox from Local Scores (Cyclops Press): "The Maple Sugar Breakdown", "Subtropical Homesick Blues", "Of Glory in the Flower", "Red Sea Blues". Biff Naked "Eine Tasse Tee (a poem)". Luis J. Rodriguez "Palmas". Patricia Smith "Spinning Till You Get Dizzy". Michael War "Manchild". Cin Salach & Sheila Donahue "I'm a Stranger Here Myself". Christopher Stewart "Beat the Drum". Maggie Estep "Bad Day at the Beauty Salon".

30 May, 7–8 pm. Previously broadcast episode.

23 May, 7–8 pm. Three performance or sound poets. Phlip Arima "Human Drag". Paul Dutton from Full Throatale (Underwhich Editions, 1994): kit-talk (1:53), "For the Letter That Begins Them All, H" (3:13), Smile (1:07), Score for Tony, 1st Movement (1:22), Borealis (6:57), Northern Lights (3:42). bill bissett from London Life (Nightwood Editions, 1990): 1) th monstr in th wall makes me type (3:30), 2) thees jets wer flying (0:45), 3) what can we dew with our hearts (1:16), 4) toxic blobs calld potenshul disastr (3:37), 5) london life (3:15), 6) running with th liquid dansrs in th sky (1:21), 7) karibu road (2:47), 8) life etc: (2:20). + Radio Free Vestibule "I Don't Want to go to Toronto".

16 May, 7–8 pm. Rebroadcast of a previous episode.

9 May, 7–8 pm. Lisa Moore's short stories: "Craving" read by the author; "Close Your Eyes" read by Holly Hogan. John Stiles with his Annapolis Valley poem set "Apple Orchard Opera". Zach de la Rosa with "Land and Liberty". Utah Phillips & ani difranco: "Bridges".

2 May, 7–8 pm. Lisa Moore's short story "Melody" read by Holly Hogan. "Oscar" by Bud Osborne, "Chic Alors" by Alex Boutros & Kaarla Sunderstrom, "Sound Poem" by Fluffy Pagan Echoes, "Of Glory in the Flower" by Terrance Cox, "This is For the Night People" by Ralph Alfonso.

25 April, 7–8 pm. Previously broadcast episode.

18 April, 7–8 pm. Previously broadcast episode.

11 April, 7–8 pm. Previously broadcast episode.

4 April, 7–8 pm. Lisa Moore's short story "The Way the Light Is" read by the author. From Merrybegot by Mary Dalton (read by Anita Best): After All That, Bachelor Brothers, Berry Pails, Bridesboys, Brin, Bull Arm Money, Burn 1, Burn 2, Burn 3, Clutch, Conkerbells, The Cross-Handed Bed, Cullage, Devil-Ma-Click, Devil's Fashion, The Doctor, Down the Bay, Elt, Fairy-Struck, Federal, First Boat, Flirrup, Gal, If Whiskers Was Wisdom, Jallneying, Jesus and His Gashes.

28 March, 7–8 pm. Lisa Moore's short story "Natural Parents" read by the author.

21 March, 7–8 pm. Sixth International Multicultural-Multilingual Poetry Reading of 19 March 2006 @ Latin American Cultural Centre, Fredericton. Four poems by Gregory Corso: “In the Fleeting Hand of Time” “Vision of Rotterdam” “The Last Warmth of Arnold” and “Mexican Impressions.”

14 March, 7–8 pm. Kenneth Rexroth long poem "Thou Shall Not Kill." reg e. gaines' piece "Just Another Misunderstood Brother." Lisa Moore's short story "Close Your Eyes" read by Holly Hogan. John Stiles with the Annapolis Valley poem set "Apple Orchard Opera."

7 March. [PREMPTED by UNB hockey playoff game.]

28 Feb, 7–8 pm. Lisa Moore's short story "The Stylist" read by Holly Hogan. Live interview with poet Hugh Thomas talking about the anthology Shift & Switch (The Mercury Press) and the 4 March book launch reading @ the Underground Café, Fredericton, NB. During the interview Hugh also read poems by Matthew Hollett, Mark Trusscott, Sharon Harris and himself. Motion, from Motion in Poetry (Womens Press), and her poem « J'ouvert ».

21 Feb. [Preempted by live hockey game broadcast.]

14 Feb, 7–8 pm. Three-part live interview with writer & editor Kellie Underhill, interspersed with a few recorded poems or spoken word pieces: "Toronto Love" by Marc Lemyre; "droppin' revolution" by Sekou Sundiata; "Memramcook" by Jocelyne Verret; "Unbilicus" by Gerard Beirne.

7 Feb, 7–8 pm. "If You're There" story by Lisa Moore from Open (Rattling Books); Gerard Beirne, "Elvis Has Left the Building"; Paulo da Costa, "Slowness"; Anita Best reading from Mary Dalton's Merrybegot (Rattling Books): "Bachelor Brothers", "Berry Pails" & "Bridesboys".

31 Jan, 7–8 pm. Paulo da Costa from Notas de rodapé. Goran Bregović featuring Johnny Depp, "American Dreams". Leanne Averbach & Indigo: “The Birds of Sarajevo” and “Spring”. Moby with "The Sky is Broken".

24 Jan, 7–8 pm. Second half of Wilfred T. Grenfell's Adrift On An Icepan (Rattling Books). Sheri-D Wilson: "From Bunhead to Bard". marc lemyre: "Toronto Love". Paul Dutton: "Hiding". Ahdri Zhina Mandiela: "Canefields". Biff Naked: "Canadians".

17 Jan, 7–8 pm. Rebroadscast of a previous episode.

10 Jan, 7–8 pm. First half of Adrift on an Icepan by Wilfred T. Grenfell as read by Chris Brooks. Second half was mostly an odd spoken word with music fest: Frank Zappa, "Trouble Every Day"; Tesox, "So what you want me to do"; Bullfrog, "Reverse Psychology" & Fortner Anderson, "Sometimes I Think".

3 Jan, 7–8 pm. "Poetry and All That Jazz" by Jack Kerouac and United Future Organization. John Sobol Poetry Band: “In Memory of Yoo Mi Eun (Naima)”, “Silver Slipper”, “In This World”, “Word Song”. Leanne Averbach & Indigo: “Carwash”, “Fever”, “Abattoir”, “Ode to the Hot Pepper”. Paula Belina with “un morceau de milles-pattes”, “the magicians”.