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Ashes, Paper & Beans
Fredericton’s Writing & Art Show

Tuesday, 7-8 pm, Atlantic Time
on with host Joe Blades

Our current year's programming: ashespaperandbeans.htm

Past programming: APB 2001, APB 2002, APB 2003, APB 2004, APB 2005, APB 2006 APB 2007 APB 2008.

Our 2003 programming:

30 Dec. Feature on classic French fables in verse as recorded on CD in the book Once Again, La Fontaine (Wesleyan University Press, 2000) by Jean de La Fontain, translated by Norman R. Shapero. Reading by Douglas Sills—“The Ploughman and his Sons”, “The Sheperd and the Lion & the Lion and the Hunter”, “The Drunkard and His Wife”, “Phoebus and Boreas”, “The Hare and the Frogs”, “The Eagle and the Magpie”, “Death and the Wretched Man & Death and the Woodsman”, “The Wolf and the Scrawny Dog”, “The Lark, Her Little Ones, and the Farmer Who Owns the Field”, “The Wolves and the Ewes”, “The Wagoner Stuck in the Mud”, “The Rats in Council Assembled”, “The Fishes and the Cormorant”, “The Charlatan”, “The Oracle and the Infidel”, “The Sheperd and the Sea”, “The Gardener and His Lord”, “The Horse and the Wolf”, “The Spider and the Swallow”, “The Wolf and the Fox”, “The Ass and the Pup”, “The Horse Who Sought Revenge on the Stag”, “The Hornets and the Honeybees”.

29 Dec. Rebroadcast of 23 Dec episode.

23 Dec. Saul Williams “The Pledge”/“Intro” DJ Spooky. “woman turning into a tree” by mia rose brooks. From Broken Pencil Evening of Underground Can-Con: Emily Schultz reading from her story “A Physical Act of Leaving” from the book Black Coffee Night (Insomniac); Publisher Hal Niedzviecki introduction of Joel Katelnikoff; Joel Katelnikoff reads “Kites” and “Lord of the Things”. Song: “Deck the Halls (with skulls of Saxons)” by Lord Torvaldr Torgarson. Suite of Beverly Matherne poems, “ Le blues braillant / The Blues Cryin’”, “ J’appelle maman dessus le téléphone / I Call Mama on the Telephone” and “Je vas vendre mon chasse-neige / Sellin’ My Snow Blowin’ Machine”. “Holmgang in Skaugnir” and song, “Three Viking Ships (came sailing in)”, by Lord Torvaldr Torgarson.

22 Dec Rebroadcast of 4 Nov 2003 episode.
16 Dec. Rebroadcast of a previous episode.

15 Dec. Rebroadcast of 9 Dec episode.

9 Dec. From ALTA 26 Bilingual Reading #12: Alexis Leviton introduction of Lynda Jentsch; Linda Jentsch reading in original Spanish following by her trsanslations into English of two poems “Nube gris” / “Grey Cloud”, “Long Distance“ / “largao distancia” by Carlos L. Orihuela (Peru). Liz Henry reading Liz Henry reading her translation of “Verso impersonal” / “Impersonal Lives” by Juanade Ibarbourou from Raíz Salvaje (1920) and, assisted by Nora Wilkins reading the Spanish, “Al margen deuna acuarela / The Women of My Generation” by Luis Sepulveda Calbucura (Chili/Argentina). From Side by Side Festival / Festival Côte à Côte: Jo-Anne Elder, introduction; “Translation et Transgression” panel – Jonathan Kaplansky (moderator), Robert Dickson & Rose Després.

8 Dec. Rebroadcast of 2 Dec episode.

2 Dec. Interview with poet Shane Rhodes, author of Holding Pattern (NeWest Press). Fredericton book events info. Alexis Leviton introduction of Enrica J. Ardemagni followed by her reading from What Have You Done?, her translation of the novel Y tú has-hecho? by José Castro Urioste (Peru). Beverly Matherne poem, “Le blues de tabac / Tobacco Barn Blues”. “prison in my backyard” poem by mia rose brooks.

1 Dec. Rebroadcast of 25 Nov episode.

25 Nov. Live interview with Raymond Fraser discussing, and reading from, his new novel In a Cloud of Dust and Smoke (Black Moss Press). Beverly Matherne poem, “Le blues pour Rosa Parks / A Blues Poem for Rose Parks”. From ALTA Bilingual Reading #12: Alexis Leviton introduction of Beatriz Hausner; Beatriz Hausner discussing Columbian author Alvaro Mutis and reading excerpts from “The Strategist’s Death” (Ekstastis Editions, 2004) – her translation of one of his short stories. Denise DeMoura arts journalism piece “Rita McKeogh’s Outskirts show at Owens [Art Gallery, Sackville NB]”.

24 Nov. Rebroadcast of 18 Nov episode

18 Nov. Denise DeMoura produced art documentary piece: “Tidal Wave Film Festival 2003: Videopoems”. From Side by Side Festival / Festival Côte à Côte: Joe Blades reading “like dean”; Jo-Anne Elder introducting Roger Moore; Roger Moore reading poems; Jo-Anne Elder introducting Dyane Légere & Allison Comeau; Dyane Légere reading her poetry in French & Allison Comeau reading English translations. Beverly Matherne with “Maman marchait comme le vent / Mama Walk Like the Wind Dance”.

17 Nov. Rebroadcast of 11 Nov episode

11 Nov. From Side by Side Festival / Festival Côte à Côte: Jo-Anne Elder, introduction; the Honourable Herménégilde Chiasson, Opening Remarks; Jo-Anne Elder, introduction; bilingual reading by Robert Dickson; Jo-Anne Elder, introduction; Sylvie Massicotte (French) & Jonathan Kaplansky (translator into English). George Carlin from 1973 with “Welcome to My Job” and “Occupation: Foole”. From Broken Pencil: an evening of underground Canadian Culture: “Independent Cultural Action” (part one), Marc Ngui; Hal Niedzviecki introduction and reading an excerpt from “Burning Down the House: Rufus meets Dan” from Poser zine. “Belle l’êtres” by Adeena Karasick.

10 Nov. Rebroadcast of 4 Nov episode

4 Nov: Live interview with UNB-Canada Council 2003-2004 Writer-in-Residence Ken McGoogan discussing his new book Ancient Mariner: The Amazing Adventures of Samuel Hearne, the Sailor Who Walked to the Arctic Ocean (HarperFlamingoCanada, 2003). Prerecorded telephone interview with poet Adeena Karasick on videopoems and the Tidal Wave Film Festival 2003 including reading of several poems. “Untitled” poem by mia rose brooks.

3 Nov. Rebroadcast of 28 Oct episode

28 Oct. Hugh Hazelton with “Emergency”. Live interview with guest Jo-Anne Elder, writer and translator, shortlisted for the 2003 Governor General’s Literary Award for Translation for the book Tales from Dog Islands: St Pierre et Miquelon by François Euguehard (Killick/Creative). Paul Dutton with “Vive le (for Henri Chopin)”. Lord Torvaldr Torgarson with “Ragnarok almost Rolled”.

27 Oct. Rebroadcast of 21 Oct 2003 episode

21 Oct. A brief reading by author David Adams Richards from his latest novel River of the Brokenhearted (Doubleday Canada) followed by a short interview. Poetry by Ricardo Sternberg from his book Map of Dreams and CD Blindsight (Cyclops Press). Lloyd Salomone discussing the Tidal Wave Film Festival 2003. Paul Dutton “Vive le (for Henri Chopin)”, “Untitled”, “Hiding”, “Snare, Kick, Rack, and Floor”. “Belle l’êtres” by Adeena Karasick.

20 Oct. Rebroadcast of a previous episode

14 Oct. Nova Scotian educator Eric Favaro’s presentation on “Learning Through the Arts”. Joe Blades reading his essay, “Co-publising: A Collaborative Approach (a Draft)”. John Terpstra and Bart Nameth with John’s poem “Disarmament”.

13 Oct. Rebroadcast of a previous episode

7 Oct. Sex Radio episode! AWOL Love Vibe “Exstatic Cunt Day”, Alan Cumyn “The Insurance Man’s Tale”, Maggie Estep “Fuck Me” & “Sex Goddess of the Western Hemisphere”, Buffy Bonanza “Autoneurotica”, Lypsinka “How Do I Love Thee”, Marianne Faithfull “Why D’ya Do It”, Bif Naked “Gross, Gross Man”, Kinnie Starr “Unbuttoned”, Allen Ginsberg “Personals”, John Weiners “A Poem for Cockcuckers”, Courtnay McFarlane “Catharsis”, Robert Priest “Wedding Poem”, alix olson “Cunt Cuntry”

6 Oct. Rebroadcast of 30 Sept 2003 episode

30 Sept. “The Sixth Sense” by United Futures Organization w/ Galliano. Five poems by Hugh Hazelton: “Wordwork”, “Product”, “They Come”, “returnreturnreturn”, & “The Gates to the City”, Robbie Robertson: “Twisted Hair” & “Words of Fire, Words of Deed”. Joe Blades discussing the Alden Nowlan Literary Festival 2003, Ken McGoogan’s book Ancient Mariner: The Amazing Adventures of Samuel Hearne, the Sailor Who Walked to the Arctic Ocean (HarperFlamingoCanada, 2003), and Wanting the Day: Selected Poems by Brian Bartlett (Goose Lane Editions, 2003). “urban music” by Sekou Sundiata. “Protesters Protest” by CHSR’s Wasted Tape.

29 Sept. Rebroadcast of 16 Sept 2003 episode

23 Sept. Rebroadcast of 5 August 2003 episode

22 Sept. Rebroadcast of a 5 August 2003 episode

16 Sept. Jack Kerouac with United Future Organization: “Poetry and All That Jazz”. “The Imperial Birthday Party” by Hugh Hazelton. Joe Blades reading his “casemate poems 2003 (part two) (first draft)”.

15 Sept. Rebroadcast of a previous episode

9 Sept. Rebroadcast of a previous episode

8 Sept. Rebroadcast of 2 Sept episode

2 Sept. “The Priests of the Golden Bull” by Buffy Sainte-Marie. “ The Grace L. Ferguson Airline (and Storm Door Co.)” and “Bus Drivers School” by Bob Newhart. Joe Blades reading AP release: “Louise Gluck named new US Poet Lareate”, “Ken MacGoogan and his books” by Joe Blades. “the sound of the memory”, “mary j blues” and “lonely man’s portrait of a romance” by Sekou Sundiata. “Violent Monkey” and “Antimatter” by Hugh Hazelton. “Holmgang in Skaugnir” and “Freya’s Wedding” by Lord Torvaldr Torgarson. “Buttons (a cappella)” by Kinnie Starr.

1 Sept. rebroadcast of 26 August episode

26 August. Scott Farrell, author, reading from “We Are Not Amused, Sir Guillaume!” (Shining Armour Enterprises). “Ragnarok Almost Rolled” a tale by Lord Torvaldr Torgarson.

11 Aug. rebroadcast of 5 Aug episode.

5 Aug. Allen Ginsberg feature from howls, raps & roars CD (Fantasy): “Howl”, “Footnote to Howl”, “A Supermarket in California”, “Transcription of Organ Music”, “America”, “In The Back of the Real”, “Strange New Cottage in Berkley”, “Europe, Europe”, “Kaddish (Part 1)”, “The Sunflower Sutra”.

29 July. Interview with playwrights Coleen Wagner, Ryan Griffith and Kyle Peters – discussing The Notable Acts Summer Theatre Festival 2003. “Egg Sittin’ Horse” by Utah Phillips. Ricardo Sternberg reading poems from his book The Inventions of Honey from the CD Blindsight (Cyclops Press).

25 July. Scottish Ashes, Paper and Beans – Ian Stephen + Phil Cunningham: “Dry Ground”, “Satellite Stone Circle”, “Calanais”, “Stonebergs”, “Kinloch”. Christine De Luca, Poems in Shetland Dialect from the cassette Voes & Sounds (The Shetland Library). “Aig Tursachan Chalanais” by Derick Thompson, Mike Dillon, Janet Paisley and John McGauhie from the cassette Poetry Plus. “The Scotsman” by The Arrogant Worms.

22 July. Live interview with performance artist Lady Pink. “Spelling Bee” and “The Sweater” by Meryn Cadell. “eating filet mignon” and “rainbow mewsik” by bill bissett. “The Scene that Screams” by Phlip Arima. “Belles l’êtres” by Adeena Karasick. “Still in Love” by Harvey Miller. “Comuniqué” and “Emergency” by Hugh Hazelton. “Froo Froo the Talking Cat” by Radio Free Vestibule.

15 July. “Beach” by John Terpstra & Bart Nameth. “Fat Summer” by AWOL Love Vibe. “Canadians” by Bif Naked. “Flight Attendant” by Meryn Cadell. “Oliver’s Outhouse” and “Hallelujuh I’m a Bum/Buddhist” by Utah Phillips. “Kevin and God” by Radio Free Vestibule. Excerpts from Up On Bust by Buddy Wasisname & the Other Fellers. “The Night Sky” by Fortner Anderson

14 July. Rebroadcast of 8 July episode.

8 July. Live interview with Nova Scotian/Bermudian poet/journalist Denise DeMoura. “Wide World of Novel Writing” and “Word Association” by Monty Python. “Bridges” by Utah Phillips and ani difranco.

17 June. Mary Elizabeth Grace – “Shantytown Girl”, “Hush of the Bliss”, “We Came Slow”, “Bootlegging Apples on the Road to Redemption”. mia rose brooks – “Woman Turning Into A Tree”, “Salty Morning Breeze”. The Cambridge Treasury of English Prose Vol. 1 – excerpts from Thomas Malory, Lord Berners, Thomas More, Richard Hakluyt, Thomas North translation of Plutarch, Philip Sidney

16 June. Rebroadcast of 10 June 2003 episode.

10 June. Elizabeth Bishop introduction by Charles Osgood. “The Fish” and from “Crusoe in England Poem” by Elizabeth Bishop. Works by Jane Austen, Walter Scott, William Hazlitt, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, John Keats, and Charles Lamb read by members of Cambridge University under the direction of George Rylands, Fellow of King’s College. A excerpt from the novel “The Divine Economy of Salvation” by Pricila Uppal.

9 June. Rebroadcast of 3 June 2003 episode.

3 June. “From Bunhead to Bard” by Sheri-D Wilson. Bunt Poems by Carleton Wilson. Poems from Throw the Captain Overboard by mia rose brooks. “Human Drag” by Phlip Arima. “Frank’s Wild Years” by Tom Waits.

13 May. “Pome Poem” by bp Nichol. “Sea Horse and Flying Fish” by Hugo Ball read by Christian Bök. “Two Kinds” by Steven Ross Smith. Excerpt from “The Crimson Petal and the White” by Michel Faber. “Requiem: Quatre Scènes et un Épilogue” by Linda M. Rodríguez (Puerto Rico) read by Joanna Graham. “my lover cums from an island of lost birds”, “lula guide n gate keeper uv th gilded paradochez”, “blew horizon”, by bill bissett. “Oiseau” by Christian Bök. “Sin Tax” by Penn Kemp. “Deadbeat Daddy” & “America’s On Sale” by Alix Olson. “Be Quiet” by Phlip Arima. “untitled” by mia rose brooks.

12 May. Rebroadcast of 6 May 2003 episode.

6 May. Bilingual reading by Nela Rio from her book During Nights that Undress Other Nights/En las noches que desvisten otras noches, translated by Elizabeth Gamble Miller, (Broken Jaw Press, 2003) book launch @ Gallery Connexion, Fredericton NB. bill bissett reading from Rainbow mewsick (Red Deer Press). mia rose brooks reading “Johnny’s Fire”. “Belles l’êtres” by Adeena Karasick. Phlip Arima with “Rain” and “Rainbow”.

5 May. Rebroadcast of 29 April 2003 episode.

29 April. Seán Virgo short story “Bolt”. “Mess with People” and “Natural Resources” by Utah Phillips + ani difranco. “Crow Fusion” by Sheri-D Wilson. “Human Drag” by Phlip Arima. Spoken word version of “Democracy” by Leonard Cohen from the CD United States of Poetry.

28 April. Rebroadcast of 22 April 2003 episode.

22 April. “Earth Police” by Leonard Fisher. Show premiere of the CD throw the captain overboard! by Mia Rose Brooks (Cumulus Press/Wired on Words, 2003). “Bum on the Rod” by Utah Phillips + ani difranco.

21 April. Rebroadcast of 15 April 2003 episode.

15 April. Third International Multicultural-Multilingual Poetry Reading @ St Thomas University, Fredericton NB, in conjunction with United Nations’ World Poetry Day, 21 March 2003, Dialogue Among Civilizations Through Poetry “Embracing Peace” (part two): Trudi Price reading Susan McMaster poem “How God Sees”; Gail Taylor, “Attention, Homo Sapientia”; Nela Rio, “En las noches ... VIII”, Spanish; Kim Clowater reading “War” by Jalal Bar Zanji (Iraq, 1993); Tony Steele, “Questions of Spiritual Materialness”; Tuo Janet Ji, “Changsha”, & (As Life Wishes) sung in Mandarin; Joe Blades, “dalbeattie road cordite”; Betty Dobson, “The Night She Left”; Gino d’Artali, “February 9, 2003, the house”, English & Dutch; Trudi Price, “Time to Heal”. Piper’s Adventures, a radio play about Piping Plovers performed by the Belanger Drama Troupe for the Alder Institute’s Rare Air.

14 April. Rebroadcast of 8 April 2003 episode.

8 April. Karen Stote interviewing Denise DeMoura about her book Break the Silence (Broken Jaw, 2002) – recorded Nov 2002. Third International Multicultural-Multilingual Poetry Reading @ St Thomas University, Fredericton NB, in conjunction with United Nations’ World Poetry Day, 21 March 2003, Dialogue Among Civilizations Through Poetry “Embracing Peace”: Carlos Morales, “Les pido que este dia” (I Ask You on This Day), Spanish; Naushaba Kurshid, “Khuli Ankh Ka Sapna” (Dream in My Wakefullness), Urdhu; Carol Grace Scott, “A Grandmother’s Dream”; Angelique Wojicik reading “The End and the Begining” an English translation of poem by Wieslawa Szymborska; Jordan Trethewey, “Canned Laughter”. Joni Mitchell “The Fiddle and the Drum”.

7 April. Rebroadcast of a previous episode.

1 April. Bilingual reading by Nela Rio from her book During Nights that Undress Other Nights/En las noches que desvisten otras noches, translated by Elizabeth Gamble Miller, (Broken Jaw Press, 2003) book launch @ Gallery Connexion, Fredericton NB. “History is Dead (Read My Lips)”, “West of an Idea/Hlinka Guard”, and “Amerika/Moscow” by Swifty Lazarus. Fantoche, The Spanish Theatre Group of St. Thomas University presents Déjate de hostias! a play written by Collective Entorn Paraula, Barcelona, Spain.

31 March. Rebroadcast of a previous episode.

25 March. Interview with authors Catherine Jenkins and Kathy Mac, including their reading of novel excerpts and poems.

24 March. Rebroadcast of 18 March episode.

18 March. Phlip Arima with “Holiday [As trains go by]”. Interview with poet Sarah Marylou Brideau, author of Romanichelle (Les Éditions Perce Neige, 2002). “History is Dead (Read My Lips)” by Swifty Lazarus. Discussion of the Nela Rio organized International Week @ St Thomas University including Facing Faces and Outspoken Art/Arte Claro poetry and art exhibitions. Three poem/pieces for Native Awareness Days: “Memramcook” by Jocelyn Verret, “Grandmothers” by Jeanette Armstrong, “Earth Police” by Leonard Fisher. PSAs for the Mackinnon Lectures and Native Awareness Days.

17 March. Rebroadcast of 11 March episode.

11 March. Director John Lofranco and actors Nancy House and Tony Antoniades discuss the Stage Left production of Come Back to the Forum, Guy Lafleur! Guy Lafleur! written by Frank Flynn. bill bissett with “televishyun”. Phlip Arima with “Human Drag”. Mitsiko Miller – “Pandore”, Officious Little Students – “Comfortably Canadian”, Jean-Paul Daoust – “Prière new-yorkaise”, Sylvain Fortier – “En tôle dans une canne de « clique », le pain de beton au goût de poésie pure”, Hugh Hazelton – “Emergency”, from la vache enragée (Planète rebelle). “History is Dead (Read My Lips)” by Swifty Lazarus. Fredericton literary PSAs. Dasez Scott with “The Green”.

10 March. Rebroadcast of 4 March episode.

4 March. Interview with Winnipeg artist Sarah Crawley about her exhibit journeystone @ Gallery Connexion. Sandra Bernhard with “excuses for bad behaviour”, “(I’m Waiting)”, “The Letter”, “Manhattan”, “(I’m Waiting)”. “Survival of the Fittest” and “Holiday” by Phlip Arima. “Ghost Stories” by Hopedale, Labrador, trapper George Lane from a Rare Air episode. “Memories Have Tongue” by Afua Cooper. CHSR’s Wasted Tape with “Mr Tinsdale Reads a Book”

3 March. Rebroadcast of 25 Feb episode.

25 Feb. CHSR Fundrive. Recorded bilingual reading by Paul Chanel Malenfant, lauréat du Prix littéraire du Gouverneur-général dans la catégorie poésie, 2001, pour Des ombres portées: introductory remarks by Jeanette Gaudet, Marylea MacDonald, and Jo-Anne Elder; translation readings by Marylea MacDonald, Jodelle Ste.Marie-McIntyre, Amy Alexander, Karen Clark, Katie L. Anderson, Caroline Maillet. Sarah Marylou Brideau, author of Romanichelle (les éditions perce-neige, 2002) reads three poems. “Slot Machine” by Emily XYZ with Myers Bartlett. “Take Thirty-Two” by Phlip Arima, “In the Future” by Swifty Lazarus.

25 Feb, 9-10 am. Rebroadcast of 18 Feb episode.

18 Feb. CHSR Fundrive. Interview with Marc Séguin discussing his exhibit Rose Windows @ Beaverbrook Art Gallery. “Reverse Psychology” by Bullfrog. “Beat the Drum” by Christopher Stewart. “My Piece” by Afua Cooper. “Amerika/Moscow” by Swifty Lazarus. “Rain”, “Rainbow” and “The Scene the Screams” by Phlip Arima. “Everybody” by reg e. gaines.

18 Feb. Rebroadcast, 9-10 am, of 11 Feb episode.

17 Feb. Rebroadcast of 11 Feb episode.

15 Feb 2003. Rebroadcast, 6-7 pm, of 11 Feb episode.

11 Feb 2003. Interview with Natalka Husar discussing her exhibit Blond with Dark Roots at Beaverbrook Art Gallery. “Tell Me Why?” by Israel’s Lost Tribe. Afua Cooper from her demo CD Worlds of Fire (in Motion) with “I Don’t Care if your Nanny was Black”, “My Piece”, and “Steppin’ to the Muse/sic (poem for Bob Marley)”. Toronto performance poet Phlip Arima from his new CD The Inside Edge with “In Search of an Exit: Hello Hello Where Are You; Jane; waiting for the light to change; Rain; Rainbow; The Scene that Screams”. Robin McGrath with “A Brace of Rabbits”. “History is Dead (Read My Lips)” from the Swifty Lazarus CD The Envelope, Please (Wired on Words, 2002)

11 Feb. Rebroadcast, 9-10 am, of 4 Feb episode.

10 Feb. Rebroadcast of 4 Feb episode.

4 Feb. Selections from the Swifty Lazarus CD The Envelope, Please (Wired on Words, 2002) – “History is Dead (Read My Lips)”, “In the Future”, “Amerika/Moscow”, “Asdem Meditation on the Fantastic Four”. Afua Cooper from her demo CD Worlds of Fire (in Motion) with “Negro Cemeteries”, “Memories Have Tongue” and “The Child is Alive”. Sekou Sundiata with “Droppin’ Revolution”. Utah Phillips with “Unless You Are Free”. Toronto performance poet Phlip Arima from his new CD The Inside Edge with “A.F.”, “Human Drag: Take Thirty-Two; Punk Got Stomped; Survival of the Fittest”, “Holiday [As trains go by]”.

3 Feb. Rebroadcast of 28 January episode.

28 January. James Reaney reading “The Duck” and Colleen Thibaudeau reading “The Blue of the Swimming Pool” from the CD Souwesto Words: 25 Poets in Southwestern Ontario, Canada (Ergo, 1999). Selections from Broad Casting for Reels, 005, POWER TOOLS (CKDU-FM & Centre for Art Tapes): “Television is the Ultimate Power Tool” by Michael A. Needham, “Stitches” by Noreen Battaglia, “Let the Good Times Roll” by Camilla Singh, “Contra Band” by Claudia Kappenburg. Three selections from the Swifty Lazarus CD The Envelope, Please (Wired on Words, 2002): “In the Future”, “West of an Idea/Hlinka Guard”, “Clear Obscenities”. Selections from the book+CD anthology Poetry Speaks (Sourcebook MediaFusion, 2001) Introduced by Charles Osgood: William Stafford – “The Star in the Hills”, “Travelling Through the Dark”; Randall Jarrell – “The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner”, “Seele im Raum”; John Berryman – “The Ball Oem”, 4 & 22 from “The Dream Songs”; Dylan Thomas – “Fern Hill”.

27 January. Rebroadcast of 21 January episode.

21 January. “Comic at the Paladium” by Lenny Bruce. Siki Kim reading from her novel The Interpreter (FGS). Brooks Hansen reading from The Monsters of St Helena (FGS). Corrado Paina reading “Open City” from Hoarse Legend ( Mansfield Press). Swifty Lazarus ends the show with “In the Future”

20 January. Rebroadcast of 14 January episode.

14 January. “Some South Orange Sonnets” by Michael Lally. “Radio Today: The Critics” by Peter Sellers. “Melanin Man” by Mutabaruka. Afua Cooper from her CD Worlds of Fire (in Motion). Selections from Swifty Lazasus’ CD The Envelope, Please (Wired on Words, 2002)

13 January. Rebroadcast of 7 January episode.

7 January. “Froo Froo the Talking Cat” by Radio Free Vestibule. Tracks from the book/CD Sea Peach (Conundrum Press & Wired on Words, 2002) by Montreal author Catherine Kidd with Jack Beetz – “Global Warming”, “The Tale of the Horse Leech”, “Happy the 3-Legged Ghost Hampster”, and “Sea Peach”. “Djinni in the Candy Store” and “Enchanting Transylvania” by Lenny Bruce.

6 January. Rebroadcast of 19 November 2002 eposode. The first four tracks from the book/CD Sea Peach (Conundrum Press & Wired on Words, 2002) by Montreal author Catherine Kidd & Jack Beetz – “Downward Facing Dog”, “A Big Fat Man”, “The Walking Man”, “Global Warming”. “Crow Fusion” by Sheri-d Wilson, “I Started to get Sick in New York” by Ian Stephens, and “Letters from the Ice Age (live)” by Ian Ferrier from the CD spoken broken (Broken Pencil & Wired on Words, 2002). “9th & Henepen” by Tom Waits from Rain Dogs (Island).