Joe Blades

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Ashes, Paper & Beans
Fredericton’s Writing & Art Show

Tuesday, 7-8 pm, Atlantic Time
on with host Joe Blades

Our current year's programming: ashespaperandbeans.htm

Past programming: APB 2001, APB 2002, APB 2003, APB 2004, APB 2005, APB 2006APB 2007APB 2008.

Our programming history, 2001 (partial):

25 Dec 2001: Clement C. Moore’s “The Night Before Christmas”, children’s storyteller Paul Wing with the story “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” by Robert L. May and George Kleinsinger (RCA), The Carol Richie Band, Bob & Doug McKenzie, Boris Karloff reading Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas (PolyGram), Radio Free Vestibule with “Christmas on Acid”, Jimmy Barnes with “Lobstah for Santa”

18 Dec 2001: Poetry reading by George Elliott Clake, winner of the 2001 Governor General’s Literary Award (Poetry) for his book Execution Poems (Gaspereau Press) plus an interview with George Elliott Clake

10 Dec 2001: PEI poet Frank Ledwell from his CD Being Islanders (Fiddle Head Productions), Fredericton’s M. Travis Lane reading from her new poetry collection Keeping Afloat (Guernica), spoken word pieces by Sekou Sundiata and N.I.Gel Williams/Pocket Dwellers

4 Dec 2001: Feature on the new ribsauce: a cd/anthology of words by women (Montréal: Véhicule Press & Wired on Words), anthology edited by Taien Ng-Chan, CD edited by Alex Boutros & Kaarla Sunderström

27 Nov 2001: Interview with Libby Creelman followed by her reading the short story “Winston” from her collection Walking in Paradise (The Porcupine’s Quill, 2000), George Elliott Clarke reading from Lush Dreams, Blue Exile (Pottersfield Soundtracks), a poem by Bif Naked

20 Nov 2001: Interview with Cape Breton songwriter Jimmy Rankin, Newfoundland novelist Wayne Johnson reading from Colony of Unrequited Dreams (Vintage Canada), poems by Julie Bruck, Clive Holden and Bif Naked

13 Nov 2001: Guillermo Verdecchia’s Wireless Graffitti (Vancouver Co-op Radio) radio play The Terrible but Incomplete Journals of John D. (Rumble Productions, 1998); and Robert Kroetsch reading from The Hornbooks of Rita K. (University of Alberta Press, 2001) shortlisted for the 2001 Governor General’s Literary Award (Poetry)

6 Nov 2001: Live interview with Adam Herbeson about the Tidal Wave Film Festival; poetry by Steven Ross Smith, Lesley Choyce and the Surf Poets, Robert Priest, Bif Naked, spoken word/audio art by Andy Dowden, a reading of John McCrae’s poem “In Flander’s Fields”

30 Oct 2001: Helen Creighton’s Bluenose Ghost Stories (Nimbus Audio), “Haunted” by Type-O Negative, “Spinsters Hanging in Trees” by Sheri-D Wilson, “The Murder Mystery” by The Velvet Underground, “Half a Ghost Town” by Utah Phillips & Ani DiFranco, “Death in Neepawa” by Clive Holden, Madness

23 Oct 2001: Canadian poets John V. Hicks, Clive Holden, John Steffler and Frank Ledwell

16 Oct 2001: A New York/America awareness episode: Allen Ginsberg, Sheri-D Wilson, Steve Tyler reading Kerouac, Steppenwolf, Cin Salach & Sheila Donahue, Leonard Cohen, Soothsayer, Pedro Pietri, Emily XYZ with Myers Bartlet, reg e. gaines, Utah Phillips, Patricia Smith, Allen Ginsberg & The Clash, KMFDM, Joni Mitchell

9 October 2001: Michael Crummey reading from River Thieves (Doubleday Canada) with introduction by Ross Leckie, Joe Blades interview with Michael Crummey, poems by Frank Ledwell, Ursula Rucker

2 October 2001: Warren Cariou, Clive Holden, poet Marilyn Dumont, brief interview with Michael Crummey from Word on the Street-Halifax, Tori Amos

18 September 2001: Bob & Doug Mackenkie, poetry by Steven Ross Smith, Clive Holden ...

11 September 2001: Live interview with John Stiles, author of The Insolent Boy (Insomniac Press)

4 September 2001: David Carpenter, poet Betsy Warland (with intro by Heather Cullen), Alix Olson, Joel Farard Band, Clive Holden

14 August 2001: Clive Holden, The Unbeatables, Ralph, Mary Elizabeth Grace, Alix Olson, Sheri-D Wilson, Robert Priest, Paul Dutton, Steven Ross Smith, Andy Dowden

7 August 2001: Cyclops Press feature highlighting CDs by Al Purdy, Catherine Hunter, Terrance Cox, Seán Virgo, Ricardo Sternberg, Patrick Lane, Clive Holden